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Social Event in Prague

Prague is one of Europe’s best-preserved cities, with a romantic riverside location enhanced by graceful bridges and a magnificent skyline punctuated with medieval church spires. Its historic Old Town follows a plan laid out 1,000 years ago, with ancient squares and winding cobblestone streets. Haunting Prague Castle looms large across the Vltava River, rising above the exquisite Charles Bridge. Add extravagant, fairy-tale architecture; memorable classical music; and, these days, good food and drink, and it’s easy to see why Prague charms everyone who visits. These all touristic attractivity has a special value added for IAMG: the IAMG inaugural meeting on 27 August, 1968, during the 23rd Session of the International Geological Congress, was held there. The Russian tanks had already come in when the meeting was held (Czechoslovakia was accupied by surrounding communist countries led by Soviet Union) and its participants had to leave Prague in a hurry but our organization got established… During this brief excursion we visit the popular touristic sites, like Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Prague astronomical clock, or Wenceslas Square. But even more important, we visit places that were crucial for establishing of IAMG and witnesses will talk about the tumultuous summer of 1968… Join us for this memorable event!

Date: 8.9.2018

Organizers: Frits Agterberg, Karel Hron, Kamila Fačevicová

Price: to be announced

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