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Special Issues

On the occassion of IAMG2018, special issues are planned all three IAMG journals, Mathematical Geosciences (Editor-In-Chief Roussos Dimitrakopoulos), Computers & Geosciences (Editors-In-Chief: Dario Grana, Derek KarssenbergGregoire Mariethoz) and Natural Resources Research (Editor-In-Chief: John Carranza), covering topics of the IAMG2018 conference. The latter two calls are exclusively for IAMG2018 participants. Deadline for submissions to the first two journals is October 31, 2018, special issue in Natural Resources Research has deadline December 31, 2018.

The Mathematical Geosciences is inviting submissions for the special issue Data Science in Geosciences 


Guest Editors: Vasily Demianov, Erwan Gloaguen, Mikhail Kanevski

Description of the SI: Modern geoscience is facing a step change in the view of the amounts of data to be processed in almost real time in modern day digital era. There are still large volumes of heritage monitoring data that encapsulate essential domain knowledge and is often under used especially in inferring uncertainty of Earth system behaviour. The challenge comes in the processing, integration and assimilation of big data sets consisting in a diversity of types and nature of information. Emerging new field of data science, machine learning and data driven modelling attracts more and more attention across the geoscience audience. The special issue aims to provide an overview emerging data science links with geoscience applications, including big data, challenging case studies in geosciences, adaptation of data science tech to the domain content, comparative studies, etc. We are specifically looking for original contribution that are not limited to a somewhat mechanistic application of the existing data science technology but rather reveal new contextual scientific merit for the geoscience domain knowledge.

The main topics of the SI are the following:

– Data science in Geosciences: new concepts, new  tools

– Environmental data mining

– Big data in geoscience

– Machine learning in geosciences

– Visual analytics of geo- and environmental data

– Data driven prediction modelling

– Applications: geoscience data, environmental risks, natural hazards

The Computers & Geosciences is inviting submissions for the special issue Quantitative Understanding of Natural Phenomena in Earth Sciences: Concepts and Tools for Data Analysis


Guest Editors: Antonella Buccianti, Peter Filzmoser, Karel Hron

Description of the SI: Quantitative analysis is one of the most fundamental tools to understand how natural phenomena work and to predict their behavior in time and space. The special issue intends to collect contributions about fundamental tools for data analysis: theoretical enhancing, algorithms and software developments, and applications. Particular attention will be devoted to new ideas and improvements with respect to the state of the art.

The Natural Resources Research is inviting submissions for the special issue Data Analysis Tools for Mineral Potential Mapping


Guest Editors: Vesa Nykänen, Mark Mihalasky

Description of the SI: It has been nearly three decades since the first widely read and cited papers on mineral potential mapping were published by Graeme Bonham-Carter, Frits Agterberg, and their group at the Geological Survey of Canada and University of Ottawa. This special issue in Natural Resources Research (NRR) journal would take stock of how far we have progressed in the field since that time, identify key issues, and determine future directions. We have in mind about 10-15 papers from high-quality presentations in IAMG2018. The subject of this special issue is of topical interest to both academicians and industry practitioners. We consider NRR to be the most appropriate journal for this subject because of the vast (and growing) audience of the journal, especially now that it is covered by the Science Citation Index Expanded (also known as SciSearch®) and the Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition. Moreover, the theme of the special issue is directly relevant to the aims and scope of the journal. The deadline for submission of papers to this special issue in NRR is October 31, 2018, and the target publication date is either July or October 2019, depending on the pace of the peer-review process. The guest editors of this special issue – Mark Mihalasky (US Geological Survey) and Vesa Nykänen (Geological Survey of Finland) – are both experts in the field.

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