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Topical Session 1: Compositional Data Analysis for Geochemical Data

Conveners: J. McKinley (Queen’s University Belfast, UK) and R. Tolosana-Delgado (Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Germany)

Compositional data show the relative importance of the parts of a whole. Typical examples include percentages, ppm, ppb or molar composition. These are common in many fields of science, particularly in the geosciences. Geochemical data are not an exception: the compositional nature of data such as geochemical soil or stream water composition imposes several limitations on how the data should be analysed and presented. The problems relate to the constant sum problem (closure), and the inherently multivariate relative information conveyed by compositions. Session submissions are welcome that cover both methodological approaches and developments in the field of compositional data analysis, in particular applied to geochemical problems and methods.

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