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Topical Session 4: Geomathematics and Marine Geosciences

Conveners: J. Harff (University of Szczecin, Poland), D. Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China)

Marine geosciences are playing an increasing role in studying the Earth’s system and litho-, hydro-, bio- and anthropo-sphere interactions, in mitigating the threats of climate change and natural hazards, and in exploring natural resources and managing the coastal and marine environment. Geomathematics provides essential theory, methods, and techniques used in marine scientific survey, monitoring, and modeling. This topical session aims at presenting new results and progresses worldwide in mathematical applications to marine geosciences. The general scope covers the integration and analysis of multidisciplinary big data, the construction of digital ocean models, the numerical simulation of plate and basin tectonics, atmospheric dynamics and oceanographic processes, statistics, geostatistics, and fractal analysis in marine resource evaluation, costal zone management, and future projection of climate change and related processes. Marine geoscientists, oceanographers, marine biologists, coastal engineers, socio-economists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and pertaining students are invited to attend this session. We would also appreciate the participation of politicians, stakeholders and decision makers in marine management and planning. The presentations and discussions in the session will foster the co-operations between scientists of various disciplines and between scientists and stakeholders. The publication of presented papers is anticipated.


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