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Topical Session 7: Applied Geoinformatics for Mineral Exploration

Conveners: M. Rahimi (the University of British Columbia, Canada), V. Nykänen (Geological Survey of Finland, Finland)

Geoinformatics includes variety of methods and techniques to promote collaboration between the computer science and the geosciences. Multi-source datasets and innovative techniques are the basis of advanced Exploration which improves the rate of successful exploration within reasonable time and budget.

Geoinformatics helps the mineral explorers to process, interpret and integrate the enormous datasets through use of advanced information technology.

The session aims to provide a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas, approaches, methods, techniques and case studies in the field of applied geoinformatics for mineral exploration. The focus would be on new advances in methodology applied to modern exploration as well as significant case studies, includes but not limited to:

  • Application of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) in Mineral Exploration
  • Geological Remote Sensing (GRS)
  • Geo-Exploration datasets
  • Geo-Exploration Database Management
  • Mineral Prospectivity Mapping (MPM)
  • Geo-Mapping and Alteration Mapping techniques
  • Application of Geo-simulation Modeling in Exploration
  • Application of Spatial Data Mining and Big datasets in Resource Discovery
  • Geospatial Data Models (GDM) Applied to Geo-exploration Datasets
  • Application of Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) in Exploration Models
  • Multi-dimensional Exploration Techniques
  • Collaborative Geoinformatics for Restraining Environmental Impact of Resource Discovery.
  • Geo-Visualization in Mineral Exploration

The emphasis is to bring up innovations and novel applications of geoinformatics, relevant tools and topics in mineral exploration to increase the rate of success in new modern exploration methods and solve complex scientific problems.

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