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Topical Session 9: Stratigraphic Forward Modeling

Conveners: D. M. Tetzlaff (independent consultant), C. M. Griffiths (StrataMod, Australia)

This session is focused on the quantitative numerical forward modeling of geologic processes responsible for generating stratigraphic sequences, including erosion, transport and deposition of clastic sediments, growth and precipitation of carbonates and evaporites due to chemical and biological processes, and syndepositional and postdepositional processes that affect stratigraphic geometry, such as compaction, diagenesis and structural deformation. All depositional environments will be of interest to this session, including human caused alterations to depositional systems and environmental change. Studies involving purely theoretical work as well as applications to specific sedimentary systems or basins will be welcome. Time scales of the studied processes may range from seconds to millions of years and may pertain to the geologic past, present, or involve future predictions. Spatial scales may range from laboratory and outcrop scale, through oil reservoir scale to basin scale. The session will also include studies on the response of sedimentary systems to external forcing and boundary conditions (such as sediment supply, sea-level change, folding and faulting) as opposed to autocyclicity and chaos arising internally (such as avulsion and lobe shifting). The use of deterministic models under uncertainty and applications combining process modeling with geostatistics will be considered as well.  Topics such as data assimilation and ensemble programming will also be of interest in the session.

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